13 month membership gains and losses at a glance

See membership gains and losses for 13 months with the newest update to Ashbourne’s reporting system

Being able to see at-a-glance the number of members a club has and crucially, the number of gains and losses each month, is proving to be the most popular graph we make available as part of our reporting system. So we keep refining and developing it in the light of feedback from you, our customers.

The latest version is now available, showing 13 months at a time, therefore allowing a comparison, for example of January this year with January last year. Clear monthly total numbers of the nett gains and losses are now shown for each month and separate graphs are available for Ashbourne-handled members and non-Ashbourne members. Below is an example of how the graph now looks – if you’ve not yet accessed this in the Reports section then please check it out, as it really does give a great snapshot of your recruitment and retention position.