Case study from McCaulay’s Health & Fitness: our experience with Ashbourne Management Services

McCaulay’s Health and Fitness provide the best in cheap gym memberships in Plymouth and Ivybridge, as well as access to an outstanding golf course at Ivybridge Golf Club.

Take advantage of state-of-the-art gym equipment and free aerobics classes at McCaulay’s Plymouth gym, the indoor swimming pool, spa, sauna, squash court, and aerobics classes at the Ivybridge Health Club, or the par 32 nine-hole golf course at Ivybridge Golf Club. With a range of fitness classes on offer, from Aquafit to HIT Training, to Indoor Cycle to Pilates, and a number of membership types to choose from (including Off Peak Membership, Swim Only Membership, and Golf Membership), there’s plenty of options to suit your needs.

McCaulay’s Health and Fitness has been a client of Ashbourne Management Services for a number of years, and they take advantage of many of our services, including the EPOS till system. Thanks to their feedback, they’ve seen our software continuously improve and develop to provide them with the best services to fit the requirements of their health and fitness clubs.

Below, McCaulay’s owner, Jamie Phillips, shares his experience as a long-term client of Ashbourne…

Hi, Jamie! Tell us more about McCaulay’s and what services you offer:

Hi there!

Well, we’ve built up a few gyms, health clubs, and facilities over the years, and we currently have sites in Plymouth, Ivybridge, and Ivybridge Golf Club.

At our main site, we offer top of the range equipment to cater for all fitness levels and expertise, with a variety of Aerobic classes and swimming facilities on offer.

How long has McCaulay’s been in business?

We’ve been in business from 1998 and have grown from strength to strength since then.

What was the main struggle when opening your own gym?

I knew a lot about fitness, so thought it would be a breeze to open a gym and open my knowledge to the fitness world. Now, we all know how assumptions work, and I’m candid enough to admit that this was no different.

There’s so many facets to starting business, never mind a fitness business! Health and Safety, training, equipment, human resources, recruitment, registering a business… you name it, I never considered it. So, I came to realise a lot more preparation was needed, but this stood me in good stead for my future ventures.

What services do you currently use from Ashbourne Management Services?

We use a couple of Ashbourne’s services and applications. However, we can’t speak highly enough of their EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system! Not only has it helped us to maximise our sales potential, but it has also allowed us to efficiently manage our accessories and secondaryspend items. This is becoming increasingly important as it’s generating more revenue, year after year.

How long have you been using Ashbourne’s services for your gym?

Since 2009, Ashbourne coming on board helped us grow our business even quicker. I feel that we’ve really complemented each other!

Why did you choose Ashbourne for these services?

They have a great reputation, and a variety of options that we were able to marry to our needs. Plus, Grant is a jolly, nice chap, and it’s great to do business with someone that takes the time and effort to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

What are the main benefits of your services from Ashbourne?

Help is always at hand from Grant and his team when needed. this is great for when I want to take on some more advanced tasks, or if any of my staff have any queries/issues. and I’m not available to help with them. I mean, even I’ve got to take holidays sometimes!

Why would you recommend Ashbourne to other gym and fitness club owners?

I can’t praise Grant, his team, and the services Ashbourne offer enough. We’ve had some impressive results from using the software as it’s increased efficiency for our tasks, and generated extra business and income for the three sites we have.

What advice would you give to new gym and fitness club owners?

Research, research, research, and then test, test, test! There will always be 3x more things to do than you’ve originally planned for. So, be prepared to dig in at the start of your journey.

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