Cash members stay longer as DD members

It’s all too easy to sign up a new member with cash… but what’s easy on day soon turns into hassle and chasing when it comes to getting regular membership payments from those cash members. AND ‘cash weekly/monthly’ is the most short-term contract possible, so easy to cancel!

So, it makes sense to try to convert as many of them as possible to Direct Debit – a DD is obvious retention glue for you, but it’s also less hassle for your members. No boring reminders and chasings for membership fees each month and no need for them to remember to bring in cash at particular visits to your club.

Ashbourne dashboardAs a collection company, it’s obviously in Ashbourne’s interests to help you to migrate customers from cash to Direct Debit. We have a number of tools to help you to minimise the number of cash members in the first place and to identify and move people across to DD.

Of course, from our point of view, we reckon that having 100% of your members on DD makes total sense – think of the simplicity of having ONE category of member in terms of payment type.

And going cashless in terms of membership payment, it’s more secure, easier to handle and great for retention… let us help you get there… ¬†