Changing gym fashion and the faux pas to avoid in your gym

The fashion faux pas to avoid in the gym

Fitness clothing and athleisurewear has become a big trend in recent years, whether you’re wearing it when working up a swear in the gym, or you’re simply trying to make a fashion statement outside of it! This is a trend that can be attributed to the increased comfort of gym clothing, as well as a rise in fitness influencers. Un-sweating, clad in perfectly fitting leggings and out-of-the-box fresh trainers, they are inspiring a new generation of fashion conscious individuals that not only want to work out, but to also look good while doing it.

This increase in popularity has seen an increase in brands, from general fashion retailers, to popular sports labels, up their game to provide innovative, comfortable and stylish looks for both gym and casual wear. It is also inspiriting many gymgoers to be more daring with their gym clothing choices, though often with disastrous results!

As a gym owner, you’ve probably seen it all when it comes to the biggest fitness fashion faux pas. We’re talking the kind that can damage more than just a person’s self-esteem, as well as leave your other gym members unsure of where to look. Sadly, in 2018, far too many fashion faux pas are still being made in the gym. Although the 80s has long been and gone, eye-wateringly tight Lycra is still a look that hasn’t died somehow. Not only that, but far too many people think it’s acceptable to rock up to their workout session in jeans and flip-flops.

Take a look at some of the most common fashion faux pas to avoid in the gym…


80s style Lycra in the gym1. Skin-tight 80s style Lycra


Don’t make your other gymgoers unsure of where to look for the benefit of your own comfort! Sure, your skin-tight Lycra bodysuit and leggings might be great if you want to stretch, lunge and jump to your heart’s content, but that comfort comes at a price. Not only will you look like you need to jump in a time machine back to the 80s, but it will reveal far more of your body than you want to.


2. All-too-revealing string vestsString vests in the gym


Ahh, the classic string vest; a popular workout clothing choice for the much too confident! While we understand that you want to show off the pecs you spent hours lifting weights in the gym to gain, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the room want to see them too! Or, for that matter, anything else that may be spilling out of that far-too-small vest…


Applying makeup in the gym3. A full face of glam hair and makeup


An expert blow-dry, fluttery fake eyelashes and a glowing highlight might be suitable for a night on the town, but it will only cause a nuisance if you’re working out in the gym! Just think about it this way; how are you meant to focus on a spin class with hair in your eyes and a mixture of sweat and false eyelashes falling halfway down your face?


4. Men’s tights without shortsMan wearing gym leggings


Don’t give your fellow gymgoers more than they bargained on seeing as they lift their weights! If you insist on wearing your favourite running tights as you put in some miles on the treadmill, take a few extra seconds to throw a loose pair of shorts over the top of them before you leave the house. Trust us, you’ll thank us later- and the rest of the gym will thank you.


Topless man in the gym5. Wearing no top at all


If you’re wandering around the gym or fitness studio minus your t-shirt, then it’s safe to assume that you must have gotten lost on your way to the pool or the beach! No one has asked to see your bare chest, and you wouldn’t do the weekly shop, go out for a swanky meal or do the school run without wearing a top… so, why should the gym be any different?


6. Jeans, flip flops and the likeWearing jeans in the gym


Think about how sweaty you get from just running for a bus in a pair of thick denim jeans. Now think of how sweaty you will be if you wear them to work out, put them back in your wardrobe, and grab a pair of workout appropriate shorts instead. Similarly, if you chuck on a pair of flip-flops to run on the treadmill, you will only have yourself to blame when you end up flying off the machine!


How to avoid fashion faux pas in your gym


No one wants to see a gym full of sweaty denim and revealing Lycra. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help your clients avoid committing these gym fashion faux pas in your club.

Firstly, have a clear clothing policy, and put up a sign that clearly outlines this. As a general rule, if your outfit looks suitable for the beach or a nightclub, then it’s probably not something you should be wearing to the gym!

This clothing policy should also be outlined during the induction phase, though your gym’s fitness trainers should always be on hand to offer advice on workout clothing. Providing expert advice will avoid embarrassment and discomfort, and ensure your members have the best experience every time they work out.

Finally, you can help to guide your members in the right direction by selling fitness clothing, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and leggings, in your gym. Whether you decide to stock specialist fitness brands or create your own line of products, our Club Software can provide an easy-to-use EPOS Till Software to enable your members to easily make purchases through an app. It also provides full support and effective reporting to process transactions in your gym. Even if you don’t have stock in, you encourage your members to search out some bargains with discount vouchers for high street stores.


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