Create a community in your club

Engaging a member with events and activities shows that you are putting their needs and experience above that of profit for the club… but we all know that a happy member is a loyal member and those loyal members are what keep us making profit.

In my club I engaged members in various ways to keep them motivated and to feel that the gym was their club, their “3rd space” other than work and home.  I turned my customers into a community.

Creating this community feel within the club will not only keep your members confident that you care about them as a person (rather than just their exercise results) but they will also have a fear of loss if they do not attend… many of my members would turn up at the club even if they had no intention of training just to see what was going on.

I created various challenges for members as well as social events.  These events cost very little to organise and implement but will save you a fortune in advertising costs to replace those members that you have lost.

letour-12014 sees a great summer of sport and shared experiences which can be utilised to create some community activities within your club. The World Cup and the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire and London are just two of the main events you can use for community activities over the next couple of months.

Here are a few ideas that will create a community at your club:

Spending a little time creating a calendar of events at your club will make a real difference to your retention rates as well as turning your club into the community club that really cares about its members.

Grant Harrison