Digital Marketing Campaigns

Ashbourne customers can now access our online digital marketing team to generate more leads and more members for your club.


A platform of over 25 unique and distinct promotions, individually crafted, branded for you and ready to perform. The Ashbourne Digital Promotions programme is designed to double your Club’s revenue. It does so by helping you do more of three things:


1. Get more leads and convert more to members and reactivate your ex members.

2. To help you add value to your member journey so you can offer membership options where you charge more and give you everything you need to sell more things to your existing customers.

3. To give you engagement tools that extend the life time of your members.


If you achieve all 3 you can expect to achieve exponential financial growth!

We have 3 packages starting with a low cost offer of a single, monthly promotion using Facebook ads. We design and manage it all for you including gathering up the leads.

Our Gold Package combines a number of monthly promotions to different audiences and again is designed for you and managed by us. You control how much you want to spend and we help you maximise the results.

Our VIP package is a blue ribbon product and is guaranteed for 60 days. It combines lead generation, conversion, maximising your member value and retention promotions. The great thing about this offer for you is that if you don’t feel you’ve received enough value from it in 60 days, we will refund you 100% of our fees.




Digital Marketing Campaigns Digital Marketing Campaigns Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Lead Magnets
  • Prospecting promos
  • Slow-joiner follow-ups
  • Fitness At Home engagement schemes
  • New-member referrals
  • Corporate schemes
  • Ongoing referral campaigns
  • Quarterly online newsletters
  • Ex-member reactivation schemes
  • Managed Facebook advertising
  • Secondary-spend promos
  • New Member newsletter
  • Member and guest events
  • Personal training promos
  • Member retention schemes
  • Google pay-per-click campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Tweets
  • Facebook posts


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