Useful extras added to Ashbourne epos+ till system

epos+As part of our continuous improvement to our club software, here are a number of neat improvements to our MVSv3 and our epos+ till system to make it even more effective in your club:

Member sale



Sales historyUsing the ‘Record Sale for this Member’ button that is now in place, linked to membership verification (swipecard, fingerprint or RFID), you can keep track of each member’s sales history through the till. This facility is now separate from the Expire Members routine, giving far greater flexibility.

You can then see a useful history of their purchases – membership renewals + their spend pattern on drink, supplements etc, allowing you to target special offers or incentives at members, according to their spend pattern.

This can then link into the facility that exists to look at your top members by sales, giving you a list of the people spending the most on particular items.


Add a free text reference to a sale

You can now add a complete extra field of info, a ‘Reference’ that can be used for a number of applications.

MVS_till_new_payment_optionsTwo extra ‘payment type’ buttons available 

As well as the standard options such as cash/cheque/card/DD, two additional payment types can be added to the till – default versions are set as ‘Voucher’ and ‘Misc’ but these buttons are configurable to suit whatever is required for your business. This gives you the flexibility to accept, for example, a special offer voucher you have created, as payment through the till for goods or services.

As well as showing as buttons on the till, these two new payment types also show on printed receipts and on the Z Read (End of day report).

Lock the membership expiry date for cash members

Memberships paid for by cash are often processed through our till system. As an extra security feature, there is now the ability to lock the expiry date on the system to prevent any fraudulent processing of membership payments. The level of access to change this field can be set at club owner level or whatever is felt to be appropriate.


Till system

Add any membership type as a till ‘product’

There is now the flexibility to set up as buttons on the till any membership type you require – you can set the duration of the membership and its description and this then appears as a simple till button. When a membership is sold, whatever end date that applies is automatically calculated and displayed as part of the transaction. See montage here of entry fields for setting up the membership type, and then how buttons appear on the till.

These are all changes that make our epos+ till system more secure yet more flexible, and more able to help you increase the levels of secondary spend in your club.

If you are already a user of MVS or epos+ then it will be updated automatically to reflect these upgrades + any new installations will include these features.