Gain new members with Friends Free Friday

Friends Free Friday is a marketing ploy that pretty much explains itself.  It’s a great way to gain some extra members without spending a fortune on advertising.

Contact your current membership database offering them the chance to bring a friend to train at your club completely free on a Friday.  Friday is usually a quiet day in the club so is also a great way to generate a buzz around the place. Maybe even have a designated Friday such as the last Friday in every month as the day when members can bring along a friend for free.

Gym_pic_3If you just let the friend in to train, they will train and then go home and you have gained nothing.  As in any business this “friend” is a new lead which you should work hard on to achieve the sale.

Allow friends of your members to train for free provided they fill in a membership form.  Input their details into your membership software as a prospect.  Give them a full induction and even a training programme.  Work as hard as you can to show them why they should join your club.  Give them a tour of the facility so they get to know where everything is, allowing them to become a part of the club from day one.

Provide the friend with a discount if they join your club today, creating urgency and the fear of loss if they don’t join TODAY.

Use your current member to try and sell the club for you.  Provide them with an incentive if they can get their friend to join today.

If a prospect doesn’t join on the day they visit use their contact details to find them on social media, interact with them, send them emails to find out what you could have done to have got them to join.  Be in their mind, so that when they are ready to join a gym it is your club that is top of their list.

Promote Friends Free Friday as part of your use of the popular #FitnessFriday hashtag for any twitter posts made on a Friday.