Get fit for summer by starting early

Spring is in the air (at last!). But while summer still seems a long way off, now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting fit and planning for the body you want when June arrives. If you want to look and feel your best on the beach in a few months’ time, here’s why it’s all about starting early.

Why start getting fit now?

When it comes to getting in shape with a specific goal in mind (the summer, in this case), it’s a case of the earlier you start, the better. If you want to reach your goals on time and feel great – while ensuring longer-lasting results – you need to get a plan in place early on. Exercising right now is great for the mood and memory states Jill Healy-Quintard of Body and Balance

Starting early gives you time to get into your groove without giving up. This might be the first time you’ve worked out in years (or ever), and you need to change your mindset. It takes a few weeks to get used to going to the gym, and by taking it slowly you’re sure to enjoy it more.

Taking it slowly helps you to build up your endurance over the weeks. You’ll notice small improvements that boost your confidence. Keeping fit will become a part of your life rather than a one-off effort, so you’re more likely to maintain staying in shape after the summer ends.

Then there’s your safety to consider. Pushing it too hard too soon will not only put you off altogether – you might even do yourself some damage.

Finally, where weight-loss is concerned, losing weight over the long-haul is far more sustainable. If you drop it too quickly, it often piles back on just as soon or quicker, even. If you want to look fab long after the summer comes to an end, you need to take a long-term approach. Wedding event organiser , Ben Marrin says “slow and steady wins the race, as I’ve seen countless brides and grooms start too late on a fad diet and unfortunately fail”

Develop an exercise plan

Okay, so you’ve agreed that starting early is the right course of action. Now what? You need to come up with a plan.

Start by creating a basic fitness plan. Choose a gym (somewhere near to your home or work helps), and decide which days you’re going to do your workout, how long you’re going to dedicate to it, and which exercises you’re going to do.

Don’t have a clue? This is where a personal trainer will help. Most good gyms will have coaches on-hand to help you out. Some will provide you with a few casual tips when you get started, but you can also hire a coach to become your personal trainer and come up with a dedicated plan.

Start a healthy diet

Don’t forget about your diet. You need to think about what you’re putting into your body, whether your goal is to lose weight or beef up.

Again, this is where specialist advice comes in handy. There are plenty of resources online that will help you create your own meal plan, but a specialist nutritionist or even your coach at your local gym is often your best bet. Failing that, everything in moderation.

Remember that fitness can be fun

Don’t forget that keeping fit can – and should – be fun! Take a class, go to the gym with your friends or join a sports team. Fitness isn’t all blood, sweat and tears. It’s all about finding a healthy balance and a common interest. The more you enjoy yourself, the more likely you are to continue staying in shape.

Summer is coming

It might not feel like it, but summer is right around the corner. Whether you want to fit into that new bikini or feel energised every day, don’t wait until June arrives and then start panicking.

Start now and take it slowly. Join your local gym and make exercise a regular part of your lifestyle. By the time the summer arrives, you’ll be looking and feeling your best.

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