How to create a harrowing Halloween workout for your gym members

Create your own harrowing Halloween workout in your gym!

Most people may not automatically associate Halloween with sweating it out in the gym, but with the days leading up to the big event being filled with plenty of tricks and (sweet) treats, no keen gymgoers will want to let their workout regime fall to the wayside this month! So, what better time to create a harrowing Halloween workout for your gym members?

For gym and fitness club owners, you want to keep your members motivated to go to the gym all-year-round; particularly now, and as we head into the winter months. This is because although the majority of members join the gym in January, the Fitness Industry Association says that 22% of those who have joined will have stopped going after 24 weeks. To make matters worse, a further 20% of members will have stopped going to the gym by December.

With the end of many members’ yearly contracts looming, Halloween is a great time to reengage their interest by mixing up the workout classes you provide. Fortunately, during Halloween, there are many Spooktacular exercises you can take inspiration from to create a fun Halloween workout…


Spider Walks


Spider walk exercise

Although many of us are frightened of these eight-legged creatures, the way they scurry along provide great inspiration for a warm-up exercise during your workout! Requiring you to support your body as you crawl across the room on all-fours, it targets many of the muscles in your back, chest, upper arms, core and lower body. Get the participants of your workout class to push themselves off the ground (as if they’re doing a push-up) and hold this position. To start ‘crawling’ forward, they’ll then need to bend their knee, bringing this and the hand on the opposite side of their body forward. Then, just alternate the arms and legs leading the walk.


Witch broom jumps


This is an easy workout to set-up and participate it, making it a great form of cardio for both beginners and more seasoned gymgoers to complete to get their heart rate up! To get your participants jumping and working their hamstrings, quads, and the muscles in the groin and calves, simply place a bench or a step either side of each person and balance a broom over these. To make this workout more difficult, simply raise the height of the step.


Devil’s row 666


Rowing is a great exercise to incorporate into any high intensity workout class, particularly because a devil-inspired distance of 666m can typically be rowed in just a few minutes. Another great reason to include this exercise in a class is because rowing machines target every muscle group, and because it’s a low-impact workout, it’s suitable for most people to complete, even if they have minor injuries. Plus, you can even carry on the number six theme by getting participants to row 6 lots of 666m throughout the duration of the class!


Skull crushers

Skull crushers exercise


Skull crushers might sound like a frightening workout for many of your class participants (especially if they’re not fitness fanatics), but they don’t let that put them off! The beauty of this exercise is that it can be completed by lifting any weight, and your members can use either a barbell or dumbbells. Just remember that this exercise should target the long and lateral triceps heads, so make sure participants are keeping the barbell or dumbbells perpendicular to their bodies when lifting.


Frankenstein Lunges


Weighted lunges exercise

Don’t get your class to walk like an Egyptian; walk like Frankenstein’s monster instead! Take inspiration from the famously misunderstood monster’s stomp by getting your class to do some weighted lunges. Targeting the upper leg muscles, this workout requires good balance, though it shouldn’t be too tricky for attendees with varying fitness levels. Get them to stand up straight with a barbell (of their chosen weight) in each hand, while keeping their arms down by their sides. Then, simply instruct them to step forward into a lunge, alternating the leading leg each time.


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