How to increase efficiency of staff with gym management software

Increasing efficiency with gym management software

Advances in technology, such as the development of gym management software, has provided various benefits for both gym owners and the members of their club. As well as improving how people monitor their fitness progress and track the results of their workouts, new gym technology has made it quicker and easier for members to book exercise classes and workout sessions, as well as enable them to keep in touch with their gym’s trainers and other members of their gym.

For gym owners, it also provides an additional platform for them to promote their latest offers to their members, as well as better manage their staff and their facilities. As a matter of fact, the development of gym management software has made it easier than ever before fitness club owners to increase the efficiency of their staff. This is because it allows you to manage various things in one place, from setting up new membership sign-ups, to keeping track of class bookings and personal training sessions.

Here are just some of the ways you can increase the efficiency of your gym and its employees through gym management software…

You can manage your staff’s schedules and facilities


No matter the size of your gym, if you have a considerable staff count and multiple facilities and classes on offer, then it can be difficult to manage the schedule of your staff, as well as your gym, studios, and any other facilities you have on site. Fortunately, gym management software will make it easy for you to know exactly where your trainers will be at any point of the day, and when your facilities are in use.

Thanks to its online booking features, your staff can book your club’s facilities out to members directly from the software, and this prevents the risk of them being double booked as a record of all bookings will be kept in one place. Gym management software will also help you to manage your trainers more efficiently as you can plan their daily, weekly, or monthly tasks in an easily accessible calendar.

It collects your membership payments


One of the biggest benefits of gym management software (such as Ashbourne’s Club Software) is that it takes the hassle and worry out of collecting membership payments and payments for bookings. With our Payment Collection and Debt Recovery Service, you simply tell us how much each member should pay and for how long, and we’ll collect the payments each month and transfer them directly into your nominated bank account.

Our Payment Collection and Debt Recovery service will also act as your customer service department, so your staff are no longer tasked with chasing late payments. Because it also saves time on admin, it increases the efficiency of your employees, and gives them more time to complete other tasks.

You can sign-up up new gym members


One common and useful feature of gym management software is the ability for new members to sign-up for your services online, either through your website, a dedicated terminal in your gym’s reception, or even your social media pages (such as Facebook). Because you can add different membership types and offers for people to choose from when signing up, this feature enables you to reduce the workload of your reception and sales staff.

As well as increasing the efficiency of your staff by making it quicker and simpler for new gym members to sign-up, another advantage of online sign-ups is that it helps your gym to go paperless. This reduces your business’s environmental impact, and saves you time and money on waste disposal.

It makes it easier for your trainers to prepare classes


Online booking doesn’t just make it easier for your gym members to secure their places on classes, as well as keep track of when and where they’re held and ensure they don’t double book themselves. It also makes it easier for your trainers to prepare for the classes they’re teaching by showing them how many people are due to attend on each date.

Because most gym software enables you to send messages to your club’s members, you can easily let them know if class times and locations change, and let them know if they need to bring anything along with them. Facility scheduling will also allow your trainers to see which ones are available at any time, making it easier for them to plan where their classes are being held each week.

To find out more about how you can increase the efficiency of staff with gym management software and gym payment collection software from Ashbourne, contact us today.

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