Info with NO data input: the secret’s in the integration

Ashbourne retention data

No-one likes inputting loads of repetitive membership data, which means that, however valuable the analysis of it may be, if the data has to be manually updated, it very soon stops being updated…

Ashbourne’s dashboard+ solves all this, by making it easy for you to see and analyse all the info you need, with NO data input required. All the data you need is fed from our integrated package:

The data from the Access+ swipecard/fingerprint entry control system gives you this info:


The data from the epos+ system gives you this info:

The data from the ebooking+ class booking system gives you class booking reports, so that you can see who is interested in particular types of classes and who can be targeted to get more involved in classes.

The connect+ emailing system draws on all this attendance data so that you can then send targeted emails to relevant people. For example, you can select everyone who has not visited your club in the last 30 days, with perhaps an emailed offer to entice them back. Once the email has been sent, you can then see who has opened the email, again helping you to target the correct people for follow-up. We provide a selection of readymade email templates to cover most topics, from birthday congratulations to re-motivating people to come back into your club.

So, dashboard+ draws on the data that is being collected on every aspect of members’ activity in your club, and then presents it back to you in simple reports you can request or you can view a one-page at-a-glance summary, as shown in the picture.

So, relax, no more data input required! Spend your time and your team’s time more productively talking to members instead!

But still get all the retention data you need for you club.

If you’re not making full use of the data on tap, then please talk to Ashbourne on 0871 271 2088.