All those new Jan members – here’s how to motivate and keep them

Hopefully you’ve had a successful January, recruiting loads of new members for your club. Most people’s New Year’s resolutions revolve around getting fitter, losing weight or looking better and the gym is of course the best place to help with the fulfillment of all those resolutions!

So, now you can begin to take stock and see just how many new members you’ve got and what sort of people they are, it’s time to start planning how to engage with them and keep them motivated.

Connect+ email and texting serviceThis is where Connect+ can make your life a whole lot easier. If you use Ashbourne for your membership collections, we provide the Connect+ system as an integrated part of service, at no extra charge.


Connect+ lets you send targeted emails and texts to people, based on a menu of different criteria. The system selects people who match each criterion and then at the click of a button you can send them a personalised, targeted message. AND then see if they’ve opened the email, clicked on any links etc.

If you had to manually segment people and then create a newly-written email to each person in order to keep them engaged, then doing this would be a New Year’s resolution to yourself that you’d soon end up breaking…

Send emails to targeted people using a set of templates

Connect+ email templateConnect+ is a fully joined-up system: it draws on all the membership data that is generated by the Ashbourne Membership Validation System and allows you to easily segment and target people according to ANY criteria you want to choose. Here are some typical example criteria:

Whatever the reason, it’s good to keep in touch with your members on a personalised, relevant basis. If members can see that you are aware of their usage and their needs, they will rightly feel that they are valued as members.

Our simple-to-use dashboard allows you to select who you want to send an email to and then pull up the relevant template, edit it and send out the email. You have a choice of being able to send ‘text only’ emails or templated emails which include logos, pictures etc.

See who has opened the email and follow up

One of the great benefits of the system is that you can see at any time who has opened the email and who hasn’t and who has clicked any links you embedded in the email. Without overtly referring to this when you make a follow-up call, it allows you to target ‘warm’ prospects (ie those that have opened a special offer email) or conversely cold ones (those people you know haven’t opened it, as the phone may still be the best way to get through to them). Either way, you’re targeting resources and time where they will be most effective.

Connect+_webpage_imageEven more direct – texting your members

Using exactly the same system and therefore allowing you to choose and target people in the same way, you can send text messages to people. There is obviously a charge per text that is sent, but our system is very flexible – you do NOT need to purchase bundles of texts upfront. We simply charge you per text that is sent.

Everyone always opens a text, so texting really is THE way to get attention! However, because texting is so (wonderfully…) intrusive, use this selectively, only when high impact and a guaranteed high open rate is essential.

So, if YOUR New Year’s resolution is to make more regular and targeted contact with all your members, then use Connect+ to ensure it’s a resolution you’ll keep, even at the end of 2015…

For more information and to send us an enquiry about how you can use the Connect+ service, see the Connect+ page