Get personal with ALL your members…

Gym_pic_1Most clubs say that member interaction is what separates them from chain clubs.  But as these chains grow and their prices come down, independents have to work even harder at service.  Most chain gyms have a receptionist who welcomes each member by name as they swipe in – they don’t know the name, they just see it on-screen. So powerful in terms of retention!

Can you Greet each member by name in your club?? 

It’s also not just about knowing everyone’s name – what can really separate you from the larger clubs is knowing more about your members.  Know something personal – why they are here, the real emotional reason ie not just to lose weight but deeper than that…”I want to lose weight so I can walk my daughter up the aisle without getting out of breath”.

With a small membership this is easy, but how to stay on top of this info with hundreds or thousands of members?

Membership Validation System

The best way is to use the Members’ Notes section in the MVS entry software that Ashbourne includes as part of its package to health clubs throughout the UK and Ireland.


You can check a member’s name as they swipe in and then also type in any relevant Admission Message’ notes. You can search through today’s visitors, view their notes and interact with them during their workout.  Cuts out the impossible task of trying to remember all these details!

With the right entry software you and all of your team can know so much about each member, really making them feel part of your club.

Grant Harrison