Making payment easy – PayPal and SEPA Direct Debit


At Ashbourne we make it as easy as possible for people to set up their club membership, with payment taken securely yet flexibly. As part of this, don’t forget that we offer PayPal as an option for the first payment.

By allowing a first month’s membership payment to be taken via PayPal as well as the option of debit/credit card, we are giving people a secure and convenient way to pay. With people’s card details already stored in their PayPal account, signing up via PayPal is fast and efficient.


Sepa_direct_debit_logo2And once that first payment has been made, for clubs outside the UK, we offer SEPA Direct Debit as an efficient and fully compliant way of collecting Euro-based direct debits.

Any UK based Direct Debits are collected using the standard Direct Debit structure.

Using our collection service, you therefore get the best of both worlds – a new member can join immediately, using the mechanism of card/PayPal payment for the first month, but then any ongoing membership collection in month 2 and beyond is taken using the most efficient method possible – direct debit.

If you’re not yet offering card/PayPal for first payment and Direct Debit for ongoing membership, then talk to Ashbourne NOW about how to get this set up.