Are you making the most of our software?

Our club software keeps improving – are you using our latest version?

 MVS_v3You’ll know that we provide software to help you run your club – but are you making the most of our latest version?  

Has the version of our MVS software that you use got a v3 in the top corner? If not, please click on the Update facility within MVS or contact us on 0871 271 2088.

Membership gains and lossesSo, what’s new?

It all adds up to MVS (Membership Validation System) being THE most useful suite of club software on the market… because it incorporates dozens of refinements requested by YOU – gym owners who are using it every day…

Entry control, recruitment and retention tools, management info, member activity – in every case our software JUST GIVES YOU ALL THE INFO YOU NEED…

So, if you’re using MVS, make sure you’re REALLY using MVS – there’s so much it can give you…

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