All the data you need on ONE screen

mvs+_923Launching at LIW 2013, MVS+ gives you all the membership and retention data you need, on ONE screen… and it’s FREE from Ashbourne.

MVS+ is a new module added to our suite of Membership Validation System software, which Ashbourne makes available free of charge to all clubs where it handles Direct Debit collections.

MVS+ has been designed in consultation with a number of gyms, ensuring that it gives you ONLY the data you need and will use, and none of the stuff that adds no value to your business.

It gives you a single screen split into 4 segments, with data shown in pie charts + a red/amber/green traffic light system to flag up people whose attendance is low in the last 2 months.

MVs+_dashboard_panelIn detail the screen shows you this data, see visual:

Top left, a daily entry log: This shows you the time each member enters your club and how many times they have visited your club in the last 2 months. A traffic light system highlights the level of retention risk:

In this way you can spot immediately which people it would be good to have a chat with while they are in your club, to encourage more regular attendance. This screen also shows the last ‘activity’ taken ie when a text or email was sent to them.

Top right, new members this month: A pie chart, showing the number of members so far this month and whether they are cash or direct debit members.

Bottom left, new members last 12 months: Shows you the trend of your sign-up progress this year, with a graph for last year also shown for comparison purposes. A great way to monitor your progress.

Bottom right, membership types:¬†However many types of membership that you have set up, this pie chart will show you each one as a segment. A great way to check that you have the ‘mix’ of members that you need. If your pie has too many segments, it may be worth reviewing the range of membership choices that you offer…

Come along and see a full demo of MVS+ on the Ashbourne LIW stand, L230, Hall 4, at the NEC 24-26 September. Ashbourne will be making MVS+ available to clubs soon after the show.