Offer 24/7 access to your club with turnstile control

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If you’re not already offering 24 hour access to your club, the main thing probably stopping you is some sort of unmanned entry control. The quality of your member identification process needs to be very good, to ensure you don’t get a call at 3am from a member querying how they can get in… and you need controlled entry and exit to your premises.

All this may involve a certain level of investment, but you can then compete on a level footing with low cost 24/7 gyms that are springing up around the UK.

At Ashbourne, we’ve been aware that this is a growing need that independent clubs have had and we’ve been putting together all the links in the chain to make it easy for clubs to offer a 24/7 opening facility.

At the beginning of March we blogged about the option of using RFID technology for entry control¬†and this is a foolproof identification system which we’d recommend you use if you’re moving to 24 hour opening.

The other key component is turnstile and gate control in and out of your club. This is of course very useful even if you only run conventional opening hours, as it means you don’t have to have someone on your reception every minute of the day in order for people to enter your club and their entry to still be monitored.

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Ashbourne is now offering Turnstile+, yet another service as part of our comprehensive support for independent health clubs and gyms.

Gates and barriers for gymsWe like to have full control of the quality of all aspects of our service, which is why all our software is developed exclusively by our in-house software developers. In the same way, we have now put together an in-house installation team for turnstiles, gates, barriers and the relevant electrical circuitry. The team only works on turnstiles and gates for gyms and health clubs and therefore knows all the specific requirements of this sector.

We use a trusted UK-based supplier for all the hardware ie the turnstiles, gates and barriers and we have created a choice of great value packages that will suit the entry control requirements of most clubs. Clear pricing of hardware and installation packages is available on application and we can arrange an installation anywhere in the UK on a sensible lead-time.

Depending on the layout of your reception area, modular gates and barriers can be assembled to create a set-up that fits your premises. And with greater use of toughened clear glass for barriers and gates, your club will still look welcoming and airy even if it is tightly controlling access.

All our installations are supported by a service contract, ensuring that you have technical and hardware support at all times. All systems can be set up to be fully compliant with fire regulations. Options that include full disabled access are included in the Turnstile+ range.

So, if you want to go 24 hour opening or just want to make your reception area look more professional, then please let us provide you with a no-obligation quotation for a Turnstile+ installation.