Get organised – schedule your business

Get organised – schedule your business


Ashbourne are launching at LIW 2015 the latest addition to their suite of software for clubs – Scheduler+. Come along to the Ashbourne stand (D2, right by the entrance to the show in Hall 4), to see a demo. Scheduler+ is the complete scheduling tool, allowing you to plan everything from staff rotas to class/court/spa bookings. You can only maximise the resources in your club (staff and facilities) by scheduling all activities efficiently, and Scheduler+ makes this easy PLUS this leads to better customer service in your club.

Scheduler+ is yet another software module from Ashbourne, giving you all the tools you need to run your club efficiently, whatever the size. Grant Harrison says, “A scheduling tool has been the one major gap in our software package, and now we’ve filled it. Scheduler+, like all Ashbourne’s software, is designed to be quick and easy to use, giving you all the features you need without making it over-complicated. Using a simple calendar layout and drag-and-drop entry, you can create a clear matrix of bookings and staff manning levels. Scheduler+ is yet another part of our collection service, fully integrated with the rest of our services. Scheduling systems are usually only available as part of expensive monthly software licences – Scheduler+ now makes efficient scheduling available to clubs of all sizes.”

So, schedule your own visit to the Ashbourne stand and see Scheduler+ in action. For more info see the Scheduler+ page on our website or call us on 0871 271 2088.

Here are examples of how the Scheduler+ screens look in action. The top one shows the ‘Facility’ section – create your own list of facilities (courts, pool, spa, exercise room etc) down the left hand side. This includes the ability to create a hierarchy of facilities ie ‘Sports Hall’ then sub-section for ‘Football/Racquets’ and then a further sub-section for all the Racquets courts, as shown. You then select the day you want to view and drop in bookings, which can be colour-coded according to type. Recurring bookings (same booking on different days) can be done easily. A grey block means that the facility cannot be booked for something else at that particular time.

The ‘Staff’ scheduler has two rows per person, the top row showing their general level of availability on each particular day and then below it their ‘commitments’ are added, so that at a glance any remaining availability is shown. As with Facilities, recurring availability and commitments can be added easily.


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