Are your sales tours winning you enough new members?

If someone has made the effort to come into your club to find out more, it’s likely that they have definitely decided to join a gym. The tour is the final selection process, to decide if the gym they are joining is going to be yours.

So the sales tour of your club really should be the clincher – you’ve got a motivated, captive audience, so don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers!

And yet there is so much that can go wrong with a tour, no matter how impressive on paper your facilities are.

Ashbourne recruitment tips ebookTake a look at your current conversion rate from tours of new members. If it’s anything under 50% then you may well need to sharpen up the whole process. And if you can’t come up with a conversion rate figure, then there’s your first problem straightaway – you need a system in place to monitor your conversion rate from tours, including the detail of who conducted the tour.

My ebook, 100 Ways to Attract More Members…, includes a whole section on The Perfect Sales Tour,¬†as it is so important to get this right. I recently moved house, and the quality of the sales tour I experienced going around different houses did have an influence on the shortlist I drew up of properties I was interested in buying…

It’s the same with your sales tour – if you (or your team) don’t achieve a good rapport with your visitor, then no matter how good the joining deal on offer, you’ll not close the sale. If you don’t identify what each visitor is looking to achieve (and why) from gym membership, you can’t create answers to their particular needs during the tour. And if you don’t do that, you won’t close the sale and win a new member.

The key to creating a successful sales tour of your club is to find out relevant information from your visitor. And the simplest way to do this is to get each visitor to complete a quick questionnaire. I believe this is so important that it’s illustrated on the cover of my ebook, shown here on the right.

This shows a gym owner going through a visitor’s questionnaire during a tour, confirming that certain facilities meet particular needs. So simply, yet so effective. AND you’ve then got a great document to help to form a tailored induction for your new member… because of course, if the tour answers all the points on the questionnaire, you WILL recruit a new member for your club.

There are four pages of detailed tips and information about creating the perfect sales tour and questionnaire in my ebook, so if you’ve not yet got a copy, then¬†download the ebook NOW for free…