Save 75% on music licensing fees

How to Save 75% on music licensing fees

Ashbourne + GymSymphonies offer you great original music that saves you PRS and PPL music licensing fees

PRS fees (collected on behalf of songwriters/composers) and PPL (collected on behalf of artists) can really add up if you are playing music in your club, particularly in classes. Fines for non-payment can be hefty and since May 2013 all the paperwork is YOUR responsibility…

GymSymphonies’ music is specifically created for popular workouts, including group cycling, dance-fitness, MMA, mind & body classes and bootcamps.

SPECIAL DEALS available to Ashbourne customers. If enquiring direct with GymSymphonies, please quote ‘Ashbourne customer’ (as long as you are one…)

Listen to some samples here:

Automation is available on some ranges to make life easier for instructors, allowing them to concentrate on their clients as opposed to their stopwatch.

“PPL-free music has been available for a while but is often criticised for being unexciting and unoriginal,” says Paul Glazby, GymSymphonies Managing Director. “It also doesn’t free you from PRS charges which are over 40% higher than PPL costs.  At GymSymphonies, we combine our experience in the music industry with fitness know-how to offer a high quality solution which members will love and will save facilities, on average, 75% on their current licensing spend.”

You can listen to more Gym Symphonies’ music and find out more at

If you’d like GymSymphonies in your club, please contact me, Grant Harrison on 0871 271 2088.