Setting up contracts out of hours? No problem!

Increasingly, people are signing up for membership at clubs at all times of day or night, 7 days a week. Don’t forget that Ashbourne makes it easy for contracts to be processed and set up straightaway 24/7.

You can of course offer 24 hour sign-up online by adding a personalised version of our sign-up form to your website, see this example:


If someone signs up using your online form, you will see this new member appear straightaway in the Membership Validation System (MVS), regardless of what time of day or night that they join.

In addition, if you sign up someone while they are in your club and enter them onto MVS, then there is now a simple drop-down menu allowing you to choose the ‘Monthly payment date’ when Ashbourne will debit your account with the membership payment for that new member. Simple and flexible membership management in action!


So, in this 24/7/365 connected World, where you and your members expect instant information, Ashbourne liberates you from ‘office hours’ to process and view new members at ANY time.

Of course, if you DO need to talk to a member of our team, you can do so 08.30-18.00 Monday to Friday on 0871 271 2088.