ShapeWatchers -new members for YOU


Shapewatchers is aimed at lapsed gym members – it’s a simple step-by-step exercise programme which rebuilds the exercise habit, with the aim of attracting people back to YOUR gym.


ShapeWatchers website home page

ShapeWatchers Home Page

As the ShapeWatchers name suggests, the programme focuses on changing shape rather than obsessively focusing on weight – it’s therefore far more motivational and realistic in its aims.

The ShapeWatchers programme is a series of simple exercises which can be undertaken in the home with no special equipment or clothing and all the exercises are demonstrated by real people who have themselves successfully changed to their desired shape. There are also nutrition tips and motivational comments at each stage.

People will sign up and use ShapeWatchers online. The good news is that over time, ShapeWatchers users will be contacted to see if they would like to take their new taste for exercise into the gym, delivering motivated leads to YOU, our Ashbourne clients…

The ShapeWatchers subscription programme builds week by week into an accessible way of getting exercise – there are simple repeat exercises which can be performed in the home or anywhere, just in everyday clothing.

The ShapeWatchers website will be going live shortly. We will update you on how the programme is developing + how you get involved by promoting ShapeWatchers in your club. In addition we will let you know how you can obtain a steady stream of leads from ShapeWatchers members, as they progress through the programme and supplement their ShapeWatchers activity by going back to the gym or perhaps visiting a gym for the very first time…

See a full preview of ShapeWatchers on the Ashbourne LIW stand, L230, Hall 4, at the NEC 24-26 September.