Start your Christmas promotion early

receiptContact all of your members offering them a special “thank –you” voucher that they can pass onto a friend or family member.

This voucher will then entitle the recipient to free membership to your club until the end of December.
Treat this new person as a fully paid up member. Give them an induction, create a workout plan, and give them a membership card.

Spend this time working as hard as you can to make them feel welcome and part of the club.

Set up a separate membership type for these members, so that you can easily and quickly target them through your clubs software package. And send them regular motivation emails and texts. (Click here to find out how you can send emails and texts through Ashbourne software system that is supplied at no extra charge)

In the last week of December send them an email with a joining offer stating … “You already feel part of the club, don’t waste the time you have already invested … join now and continue the great work you have started”.

Your club will now feel busier in these quieter months and when it comes to the New Year, they are in a position to join, and what better place to join than a club that they already feel comfortable in and that their friends or family are also a member of.

Contact Grant for your FREE email template to send to your current member’s

12 Days of Christmas
Launch a ‘12 days of Christmas’ drive to increase your secondary spend.
Offer a different discounted product on each of the 12 days in the lead up to Christmas. Whether it is supplements, clothing or personal training, this will allow you to expose a broad range of your stock to customers and push loyal customers towards new products. Just make sure you carefully plan ahead for this so you have enough stock!! (For info on Ashbourne EPOS software that is included at no extra cost click here).

Gift cards
Gift cards or certificates are another way of sparking interest among customers. Make sure you rotate stock to make your offering look fresh and consider limiting the gift cards to a particular range of your stock.
Encourage your members to purchase memberships for family and friends and postdate them to start in the New Year. Reward your current members when they purchase vouchers with free PT sessions.

Cash in at the cash register
When providing a receipt to your customers, why not use the opportunity for an innovative promotional offer? For example, add some text to the bottom of your till receipt and ask customers to pass their receipts to a friend for a free guest pass or a % off a membership. Make sure you add and expiry date to increase the urgency.