Top things to include in a gym membership welcome pack

What should you include in a new gym member welcome pack?

As they’ll need to commit to paying for a membership for a certain amount of time, it’s easy to assume that the hardest part of enrolling new gym members is getting them to simply sign up in the first place. However, to ensure it’s plain sailing after they’ve signed the dotted line, it’s also vital to know what to include in a gym membership welcome pack.

This doesn’t just ease new members’ anxiety over joining a new gym with unfamiliar trainers, exercise equipment, fitness classes, and centre rules. It also reduces potential misunderstandings further down the line. This can be due to pricing, cancellations, and other terms and conditions of their membership, and the use of your gym’s facilities.

To make sure your new gym members have everything they need, here are the main things you should be including in a gym membership pack…

Welcome letter

In this section, you should thank your new members for signing up for your gym and introduce yourself as the gym’s owner. You should also give a brief outline of what benefits they can expect to receive as a new member and provide them with a quick outline of the contents to be covered in the rest of the welcome pack.

Information about your gym or fitness club

After welcoming your new member, a good way to begin the welcome pack is by providing information on yourself and your gym. This can include your and your gym’s history, any awards and achievements you’ve gained over the years, and a list of your personal trainers (such as their names, the classes they teach, and how to best contact them). The latter is especially important for making your new members feel comfortable about approaching your fitness trainers if they have any questions or issues.

Although basic details such as your opening hours, club locations, and contact details should be online, it’s good practice to also include these in your welcome pack so that they’re all in one place. If opening hours are subject to change during bank holidays, make sure to mention this too!

Your centre rules and guidelines

If you don’t make your members fully aware of your gym’s rules, how can you expect them to follow them? Even if you covered these during the sign-up process and induction, it’s easy for these to be forgotten, which can lead to rules being broken unintentionally.

As well as providing information on how to book classes, it’s also vital to explain the cancellation policy for fitness classes and sessions booked with your personal trainers. If members are required to give a certain amount of notice before cancelling a booking, make this clear to prevent unhappy customers.

To prevent your trainers turning up to unexpected empty classes, many gyms impose charges on those that cancel at the last minute. Others also charge members for classes that they book, but don’t attend or cancel. Again, you should make this explicitly clear in the new gym membership pack.

Membership prices and terms and conditions

If you offer a range of membership types, then you should outline the details of each of these in your new gym member welcome pack. Although your new members have only just signed-up and may be tied into their gym membership for a certain amount of time, they may come to the conclusion that their membership isn’t right for them when the time comes for them to cancel or renew it. However, making them aware of the different membership types they can switch to could enable you to retain these members for longer.

When listing your different membership options, make sure to include vital details such as the yearly or monthly price, payment options, and what exactly the membership entails. For example, one type may include just the use of your gym, while another might include the pool.

Terms and conditions of the membership (such as cancellation policy) should also be included in this section, as well as any potential price increases.

Details on your referral programme

Every gym or fitness club should have a referral programme that offers incentives to members. From providing access to a certain number of free classes or offering a month’s worth of membership for a discounted price, members are far more likely to recommend others to your gym if they know they’ll receive something for doing so.

In this section, you should clearly state the terms and conditions of the referral scheme (for example, if there’s a limit on the number of people a member can refer). This decreases the likelihood of any potential misunderstandings from occurring.

Information on your products and equipment

In your welcome pack for new members, we’d also advise including a section that outlines the fitness equipment in your gym. Here you can provide diagrams and explanations of how to correctly use the machines, as well as the areas of the body they target.

Finally, if your gym or fitness club sells products such as fitness clothing, mats, water bottles, goggles, protein powder, supplements, and other sporting equipment and accessories, include prices of these in your welcome pack!

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