Top incentives to gain new members through the summer months

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Top incentives to gain new members through the summer months

Finding motivation to attend the gym can be hard enough with a busy schedule, especially in the warmer months when children are off school for the summer holidays. Being so close to summer holiday season, some people might also feel disheartened, as it’s now too late for them to start regularly going to the gym in order to achieve their perfect bikini body.

However, although many people have a dream to achieve that perfect summer body before their holiday in the sun. There’s been a recent shift in how people view joining and going to the gym. Now, more focus is placed on improving your overall health and fitness by making a long-term lifestyle change.

It’s time to challenge the still present misconception that regularly going to the gym is unattainable in summer, and should be left to the New Year…


Tips for attracting new gym members in summer


When attracting new gym members in the summer months it is important to bear in mind that the demographics that attend your gym can be specific (for example, solely men or women).

They may also be broader, and you can attract different age ranges and types of people of various fitness. If this is the case, then your marketing will need to be different for each type of gymgoer.

This also means that people will have different reasons for not wanting (or being able) to join the gym in the summer months. These can be due to work commitments, children needing babysitters, or not having time to attend exercise classes and workout sessions. Or it can ve quite simply that they have just lost all motivation.

Here are some great reasons that you can use to make joining your gym attractive and provide key incentives to gain new gym members in the summer months…


Outdoor classes


These are great at incorporating the benefits of the sun and working out. The sun provides exposure to Vitamin D (which helps to improve bone strength and muscle functioning), while attending group classes will give people a sense of community and achievement, thus maximising your customer satisfaction.

Examples of classes that are popular (and can be completed in the great outdoors) are high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Yoga, Pilates, and specific branded classes, such as Zumba and FitSteps. Additionally, a way to invite people to commit for longer than the occasional class is by introducing a ‘summer bootcamp’ series, drawing people in by offering their first class for free. Clients will not only see results from this; they will also build a sense of belonging by working out with others.

If you encourage existing members to recommend a friend to your gym, this will significantly influence new members to join. As Forbes states, people are four times more likely to invest in committing to a business if it has been recommended by someone they know. To implement your own ‘refer a friend’ scheme, offer your members benefits for doing so, such as free guest passes to your gym or spa (if there are other leisure facilities on-site), discounted membership, and free prizes (such as holidays or tickets to a sports game).

Checking into your gym’s location on Facebook, liking your Facebook business page, or tagging your gym on Instagram and other social media platforms will also maximise your business exposure. Therefore, implementing rewards for new and existing customers doing so will attract an abundance of potential new members.


Extending your opening hours


Allowing for early mornings and late evenings will be extremely attractive to new members who may put off joining the gym in the summer due to busy schedules. In fact, many people put off joining the gym as they simply do not have enough time to attend classes and workout sessions. Tailoring your business to your customers will appeal to new members and make going to the gym in the summer appear as an achievable task. As not everyone has the same schedule. Some gyms and fitness clubs promote themselves for being a ’24 hour’ gym, however this may not be feasible for all businesses.

If your gym is family friendly, then introducing a kids’ club or a day-care scheme throughout the summer holiday may be appealing to many working parents. This will enable them to either find time to go to the gym whilst their children are pre-occupied, or simply go after work. This can increase the chances of people signing up for family memberships, if their children have a positive experience by promoting sports, healthy eating, and exercising.


Having friendly staff in your gym


This seems like a no-brainer, however, if people are uncertain or timid about joining the gym – reassurance by confident, friendly and experienced members of staff will give them an instant mood boost and increase the likeliness of them attending a fitness class or gym session again. Many people who are new to the gym are too shy to ask for help, and worry they’ll be judged for being inexperienced with using gym equipment. Therefore, by having helpful members of staff on-hand, they are more likely to feel at home and in a comfortable environment. This will enable them to relax and focus on being productive in the gym without feeling anxious, confused, or lost!

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