Track and follow up your prospects…

Unless you’re highly exceptional in your strike-rate, not every walk-in or every person taking a tour of your club becomes a member straightaway. But every one of these people is a warm prospect, with a good possibility of conversion with the right approach.

Connect+_webpage_imageAre you systematically tracking and following up all your prospects until the point that they either join or you know for sure they have joined a different club?

If someone has taken the time and trouble to call in, to take a tour or perhaps even use a free day-pass, then there is a decent chance they want to join a club – you’ve just got to do your best to ensure that they choose your club

At Ashbourne, we’ve created some tools that make it really easy for you to track and follow up your prospects in a systematic way that really isn’t time-consuming.

Have you got a pile of prospect names scattered about on various bits of paper, emails and spreadsheets? Get organised and get tracking them and following up until they say… YES!

Connect+ is available to all Ashbourne customers as part of our Collection+ service.