What makes you choose a gym?

‘Gym life’… it says it all in this one phrase. The gym is a big part of someone’s life, and therefore makes the decision of choosing a gym a very important one. With that said, we’ve spent some time speaking to the people that matter the most (the members) and we’ve discovered some of the main reasons they would choose a particular gym.

The cost

The cost of a monthly membership is the main objective, and unlike sponsored athletes, the ‘average joe’ must fork out for their gym membership. Having a reasonable price for the services offered is paramount; value for money talks! However, you do have a sliding range of cost from the likes of Pure Gym, which will give you access to the basics, to the luxury Harbour Club in Fulham, where treadmills are made from the finest marble, and champagne is available on tap.

London’s KX (pronounced ‘kicks’), for example, is £575 a month, but it has a great atmosphere, which just might be due to the fact that it offers state-of-the-art fitness equipment, steam rooms, a sauna, and access to the likes of dressing gowns, slippers and free fancy toiletries in the changing rooms. Yes, this might be a bit steep for most of us, but their popularity shows that not everyone goes to the gym for the same reason; some may want the basics to get fit, while others may want to surround themselves with like-minded people or be able to boast that they go to a prestigious gym.

The lesson here? Know your audience’s needs and cater to them; though make sure the cost reflects what you can offer.

The members

There’s nothing worse than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole; as much as you try, it just never works. The same applies to member profiles at the gym. Let’s face it, your members want to be surrounded by people who they feel comfortable around; people they can relate to, share knowledge with, and build rapport.

People tend to frequent with people who share similar traits, and this is never more apparent than within the gym scene… Body builders need their spotter, cross fitters need to be surrounded and shouted at, whereas the average just wants to get in and get out without being harassed for the latest tips on protein powder. People attract people.

The equipment and classes

People have certain goals, objectives and aspirations they want to achieve. The equipment and classes need to meet the standards and desires of the potential new member for it to be a perfect fit. Are you looking to create the next cross fit cult with power racks, bands and chains? Or are you going after the cardio crazies with the latest hi-tech spin classes and HIIT classes? Maybe you want to offer your members something a little different by setting up a racket club, or investing in the equipment you need for them to engage in a game of table tennis? These details are the core of any gym.

The convenience

People want a gym that is on route to work or close to their home. What they don’t want, is a convenient reason to skip the gym. Gym goers will fit in a session before or after work and even at

lunch, which means they need fast access. Let’s face it, nobody wants to travel out of the way to squeeze in a ‘quick workout’.

The cleanliness

The gym is very much hands-on and this is a point that is gaining a lot of momentum at the moment. Members shouldn’t be disinfecting the dumbbells, mopping up puddles of sweat, or wiping down treadmills; not to mention encountering odorous changing rooms! Gyms have a bad rep for not being the cleanest of places, and this isn’t something that goes unnoticed. The cleaner your gym, the healthier your member numbers… Simples.

The hours

A gym that goes above and beyond by being there when their members need them the most is a very popular gym! That doesn’t mean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (although there are instances of these). It means being open at a time convenient to your target audience.

These are just a handful of reasons why people choose particular gyms over others, and we’d be here all day if we tried to tackle them all. No member or gym are the same – please the majority, and you and your gym are onto a winner!

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